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At Lava Infotech we strive to make all our business engagements Value Propositions for our cus

We are at the forefront of Next Generation of IT and Consulting Company that endeavors to deliver more efficient, effective and reliable business solutions through enviable Products and Service Offerings to customers by way of a combination of innovative business models, unique conceptualization skills, consulting insights, architecture, technology embedded cost effective software solutions, and applications to make robust transformations for our clients simplifying their business functions and transactions.

We are a pre-eminent force with multiple domain expertise in delivering solutions with Quantifiable Business Value.

The integrated portfolio of our Product and Service Offerings in key-industry verticals cater to requirements encompassing software and hardware, systems, compliance, certification, and guarantees product and service sustenance, and support.

Management Solutions: We deliver innovative customized solutions to unique situations in health care, education, attendance resolution for corporates across multitude of industries, etc. with benefits that surpass any other custom application development and custom software development company. Our expertise in delivering turnkey solutions enables us provide end-to-end design with core technologies that create significant impact on business competitiveness. We not only invest time in providing solutions but also execute and manage them.

Service Offerings: We identify critical shareholder-value while providing radical service solutions that leverage imperative strengths of our clientele to drive growth through tightly linking business consulting with enterprise solution delivery.

Our Business Process and IT Outsourcing services are co-creation engines to harness opportunities which meet emerging and ever-changing business trends.

The delivery models in Web Development Services, Web Design Services, Maintenance and Web Hosting facilities provide uniqueness in leveraging our domain as well as 24/7 business engagements with strategic alliances.

Distinctiveness in our SEO Service Offerings (Search Engine Optimization Services) works as transformational catalyst and spans business, technology, application services, systems integration, independent testing and validation by our IT infrastructure.

At Lava Infotech Content Management Services rely on collaboration, best business rules and practices, and advanced analytics in Content Integrity, Flow and Rejuvenation to successfully capture information, processes and people seamlessly unifying Content Creation, Development, Writing, Publishing, Organizing, Storing, and Maintenance to competently support content of our clientele on dynamic websites. In the process our customers realize more productive and optimized outcomes which result in accelerated returns on their investments.

We are the New Generation IT and Consulting Company on the horizon for also providing comprehensive Enterprise Content Management Services to our clientele.

E-Learning Solutions: Our proficiency in collaborating with our customers in order to maximize alignment of the learning objectives with their business objectives, and Instructional Design to deploy robust E-Learning Solutions facilitate implementation of appropriate solutions in content customization and selection of appropriate E-Learning tools and strategies as also scalable and transformed instructional methodologies for adaptive learning. Our capability in the area integrates E-Learning into their framework of Instructional Blueprint which allows multidimensional usage within the standards of globally accepted norms.

New channels of instruction, global audience addressability, marketing segment targeting, and instruments of internal corporate training within an organization offered by Lava Infotech to its clientele indisputably reduces their reliance on individual instructional expertise. Richness of instruction using our skills in implementation brings along with it standardized methodologies of instruction, substantial reduction in time, and cutbacks in overall costs for our customers. In essence our solutions create wide-ranging business value.

At Lava Infotech we take pride in building long-term valuable strategic relationships with our customers. We profess enviable record in repeat business – a major part of our revenue comes from existing customers which speaks of the trust we have gained over the years with our partners in delivering customized solutions to their satisfaction.Our clientele encompasses education, healthcare, technology, telecom, construction, media, retail, transportation, manufacturing, and industries.

Lava Infotech is a premium software development company

With the increasing business market over Internet web presence

We have a full-fledged media unit with a collective journalistic experience