World-Wide Web was initially envisaged as a means for transporting documents. It is now being used as a platform for sophisticated interactive applications relocating the conventional methods. Web applications present abundant benefits like remote access, quick work, access to many people spread over huge platforms and so on. Work can be collaborated on a gigantic size seamlessly. Web application development is a special area of software development that has emerged as an arena of possibilities.

Building web based applications also has taken a turn over the last few years. The traditional desktop applications now have become limited and are built for a custom audience. Web based development has many different approaches involving many technologies that are growing at a very fast pace in the market. There are the open source technologies like PHP and Java and the Microsoft licensed technologies like ASP.NET that are among the most popular versions in web based applications today. The simplest form used to portray your business on the web is browser rendered markup language like HTML with a combination of browser supported language like JavaScript.

Since a Web application is accessed over the Internet it is worthwhile to understand the many advantages this application would have, given the fact that it can be accessed worldwide at the same time. These applications can be updated and maintained worldwide without distributing or installing any additional software to myriad users. This has made the applications very popular.

Web design is a form of web application which may or may not have a dynamic functionality. The recent trend in web designs is to optimize the design and other aspects of the website to suit the crawler. This means that the site is search friendly and is made visible by the search platforms due to its optimization. Search friendly sites are much sought after these days as search engine optimization (SEO) has become a branch requiring much knowledge and study. There are companies that master in building search friendly sites and optimize using various techniques to make the site suitable to the latest algorithm to the most popular search engines.

Software development companies have altered the ways businesses performed and have grown in numerous ways over the last two decades. Software and specially web based applications have created a whole new landscape of choices that directly affect our business growth.

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