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Lava Hospital Management System

Lava Hospital Management System

Day-to-day management of hospitals has never been an easy task for the owners and staff of the hospitals. It is the doctors who play key role in hospitals; however it's success hugely depends on the backend maintenance of the structures of its operations. Lava Infotech has taken on bridging this gap by offering a seamless system that integrates all the functions of the hospital and offers a comprehensive approach to the end users.

Basic Modules


HR- resource management


Patient Management – in and out


All the above modules have sub modules to incorporate all the big and small functions in a hospital including lab, Pharmacy, and all departments etc.

Why Lava HMS ?

Easily accessed from anywhere in the world at the click of a button

Responsive design to desktop, laptop, mobile, ipad etc

Can be logged on Cable, DSL , WiFi, 3G-4G, Satellite, Leased Lines and others

Can be deployed on Intranet

HL7 Compliant

Our Systems are vendor neutral

Lava HMS allows you, the highest decision maker, to save on time, energy and cost while maximizing service, care and profit. As owner of a hospital you definitely may not have time to verify all details physically and Lava HMS makes this possible with minimum stress and maximum output.

Demo on request

Currently in testing phase

Customization on demand